The use of dredged material to restore intertidal habitats is well established elsewhere. But despite this, within the UK its use has been largely limited to usually small-scale schemes. 

This survey is being conducted to better understand the perception of the approach as held by stakeholders, practitioners, researchers and decision makers in the marine and coastal sectors.
The Survey 

In this survey I am interested in your familiarity with, and any personal experiences, of beneficial use projects and your perception of the opportunities and constraints of the approach. This is a short survey consisting of 15 questions and will take approximately between 9 and 12 minutes to complete.
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Happy to take part?

The questionnaire is being conducted in accordance with the University of Portsmouth's Ethics Policy (2017) and has been approved by the departmental ethics officer.

Your participation is entirely voluntary and you can stop the questionnaire at any point. 

All data that you submit will be held in strict confidence and only be used for the purposes of this study.

The data you provide will be stored securely and will not be individually attributable to you.

This research is being conducted by Ed Reynolds (University of Portsmouth) as a component of a MSc dissertation.
If you have any concerns or questions please contact the researcher at: up835490@myport.ac.uk
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