Dear Member / Supporter 
Viewpoint is an independent charity. Our aim is to empower service users to improve mental health and drug and alcohol services in Hertfordshire and to give people the chance to have their views heard.  
What we really want to know is:  
What do you know about us? 
What do you think about us?  
How we can improve Viewpoint for your benefit. 
We have developed a short survey to help us evaluate the impact / difference that our service makes to service users. 
You can do it anonymously or you can give us your details so we can contact you about involvement opportunities. If you would like support to fill in the survey, please contact Leslie Billy on 01707 386136 who will do his best to arrange help for you.
We will use your views to improve Viewpoint and we will let you know the decisions we have made taking your thoughts into account.  

Each Annual Survey and Involvement form completed we receive will be entered in a raffle for Tesco vouchers. 1st Prize £50 2nd Prize £25 3rd Prize £15 and will be drawn on the closing date of the survey
The closing date for the Viewpoint Annual Survey will be the January 2nd, 2018; We will provide feedback by the end of February  2018. 

Thank you for your help. 
Best wishes 
Leslie Billy