SICK on the streets is a street art performance designed to engage people on how we can work together to develop healthier communities .
This survey aims to gather your personal experiences of such services.
You do not have to take part and can exit the survey at any point.
All responses will be analysed and fed back into the NHS Ulverston, Dalton and Askham Integrated Care Community which will help improve healthcare services in Ulverston, Dalton and Askham.
Thank you for taking the time to participate

* 1. How does the health service work for you?
(Please provide positive and negative examples)

* 2. When was the last time you nearly went to the GP but tried something else instead? (e.g. Pharmacy, 111, NHS Choices website)

* 3. How did that turn out for you?
(Please provide positive and negative examples)

* 4. How could the NHS and local people work together to make things work better?