Use of fuel efficient, cost saving technology on commercial shipping

The Vessel Technology Assessment System (VTAS) project has been commissioned and funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) and will be delivered by a partnership of BMT and Black & Veatch. The primary objective is to assist the Commercial Shipping Industry to understand and confdently quantify the benefits of investing in fuel efficient technologies for existing and future vessels, thus accelerating the deployment of viable fuel efficient technologies.

The 15 month project includes three phases to optimise delivery of this project. Phase one includes identifying and engaging with the full range of stakeholders. Phase two involves the project in developing capabilities to meet stakeholder requirements. Phase three establishes a sustainable business operation to promote and support fuel efficient technology on commercial shipping after project completion.
This element of the project includes identifying and engaging with the full range of stakeholders that are involved in all aspects of management, finance, operation, and procurement of vessels and on-vessel technologies. The objective of this phase is to assess the needs, attitudes and requirements relating to decisions on the use of fuel efficient technologies, such that barriers and opportunities are comprehensively understood, and can be addressed in a future project phase.

The Project Team will utilise intelligence gathered from discussion with industry stakeholders to establish and plan to resolve the obstacles that prevent adoption of energy saving technology. It is planned develop accurate, transparent and trusted technical and financial models to support investment cases for energy saving technology required by decision makers.
A fundamental aspect of this project is to establish a sustainable commercially viable venture to promote fuel efficient shipping.  During the project a business model will be developed using market information gained from stakeholder discussions. During the latter stage of the project a business plan will be agreed and implemented to deploy the venture.

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this survey. The questions are arranged in 6 sections: About Your Organisation, Fuel and Energy Management, Fuel Saving Technologies and Strategies, Industry Barriers and Motivators to Energy Management and Fuel saving Technologies, Possible Solutions and Final Questions.

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