1. Since your visit

* 1. How would you rate your experience of visiting Open homes?

* 2. Did you visit Open Homes with someone you know?

* 3. Which of the following choices did visiting a green home encourage you to make?

* 4. Did you investigate a product recommended by a homeowner you visited?

* 5. What new measures have you installed since your visit?

* 7. What benefits have you noticed since your improvements?

* 9. What sources of funding have you used or plan to use in the future to make energy saving improvements to your home? Select all that apply.

  Have used in the past May use in the future
Money from downsizing
Money from sale of property
Green Deal Home Improvement Fund
Green Deal loan
ECO grant
Pension lump sum
Personal loan
Prefer not to say

* 10. Do any of the following prevent you from improving your home?

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