Please only complete this form if you think you may need to move to an affordable home in Hennock Parish within the next five years

A separate form for each household that needs to move must be completed. For example, each grown up child (over 18) in a family, who wants to set up their own home should complete a separate form, giving their own financial details and personal circumstances, not that of the main household.

Confidentiality and Data Protection: Please see data protection statement at the end of the form.
What do we mean by affordable housing?

SHARED OWNERSHIP- this is where you buy a share of your home (25% to 80% of the home's value) and pay rent on the remaining share. You'll need to take out a mortgage to pay for your share of the home's purchase price. You can now have a household income of up to £80,000 and still be eligible for a shared ownership property.

SHARED EQUITY – similar to shared ownership. However, while the developer and/or Government own the remaining share you do not pay rent on it. 

AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR RENT – this is where you pay a percentage of market rent to a housing association or similar organisation. There are currently a number of different rent regimes with varying discounts.

DISCOUNT MARKET HOMES - this is where you buy a home at a discount below the open market cost.

SELF-BUILD / CUSTOM BUILD- this is where you are involved in the construction of your home, either individually or as a group. Self-build normally involves some form of ownership but can also be used to provide rented housing. You must have an affordable housing need to be eligible for an affordable self-build home.

RENT TO BUY – This scheme allows working households to rent a home at an Affordable Rent before having the option to buy after a set period of time. There are several different Rent to Buy models and the period of time after which tenants can buy varies between these models. To be eligible for Rent to Buy, tenants must be first time buyers or those returning to the market following a relationship breakdown. As with shared ownership, tenants can have a household income of up to £80,000 to be eligible.