Cyber Scheme Questionnaire

Cyber Scheme is an NCSC certified examination body for Penetration Testing aligned with the Governments CHECK scheme. This survey is looking to establish what appetite exists within Micro and Small businesses to professionalise their Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing service offerings through training and certification. The survey also helps to determine what the blockers are to investing in those disciplines. 

Data collected by this survey will be used by the Cyber Scheme to look at how it can better meet the needs of the industry.  The high level analysis of the results of this survey will be shared with IASME, UK Cyber Security Forum and the NCSC. Some of the statements provided may also be referenced but again not attributed.   You are not required to provide any personally identifiable information as part of this survey so you are encouraged only to put into the free flow text comment boxes data you are content to share as outlined above.

* 1. How many employees does your company have?

* 2. Does your company already offer Penetration Testing?

* 3. Do you find the training and certification market for these skills confusing?

* 4. Do you believe the costs of Cyber Security Training and certification are a barrier to your business increasing its professional skills?

* 5. Do you think there is/would be value in your staff holding qualifications/certifications recognised by the National Cyber Security Centre?

* 6. Would you like a system where you can spread the costs of training and certification over a fixed payment term?

* 7. How much do you invest annually in training and professionalisation for your workforce?

* 8. Would having access to structured on-line training resources with interactive mentoring be of interest to you?

* 9. Does your company have employment of new graduates in your workforce strategy?

* 10. Would your company be more inclined to employ a Graduate whom had already obtained the NCSC CHECK Team Member Technical standard for Penetration Testing alongside their degree qualification?

* 11. Please leave any general comments not covered above