About this survey

National Voices has been commissioned by NHS England to gather the insights and perspectives of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector on social prescribing. The aim of our work is to surface key lessons and issues from the sector’s perspective, share good practices, and identify solutions to enable effective and sustainable social prescribing in the future.

We realise that you may be totally focused on responding to COVID-19 and dealing with the impact of the pandemic on your organisations, communities and families. Feel free to ignore this survey!

If you do have time to respond by 1 May, we would still be very grateful.

The current situation has highlighted a truth that, as National Voices members, you already knew – that the voluntary and community sector has a fundamental role to play in supporting people to live well in times of ill health, alongside the health and care system. After this emergency is over, that role will still be crucial.

Looking to the future, social prescribing is a key opportunity for the sector to build the partnerships with the NHS that can help us play our role to the fullest. So we still want to hear what you need to make this a reality.

For now, stay safe, and thank you for all the work you do to support some of the most vulnerable people in society in these unprecedented times.

Charlotte Augst and Dan Jones, National Voices

Please complete this survey by Friday 1 May.

The questions are available in accessible format on request. For this or any other queries about the survey, please contact Sam Batey on Sam.Batey@nationalvoices.org.uk