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Thank you for showing an interest in the MVT D-Day 2024 tour.  This is a register of interest form and does not commit you to joining the tour.  It is just to help us understand how many members are interested and what sort of thing you may want from a tour in 2024.  You can see the full welcome letter at the end of this form.

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* 4. Are you a member of the MVT, or plan to join before 1st November 2023

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Members of the MVT – We are about to embark on a Great Crusade.

The MVT are excited to launch the new look MVT D-Day tour for June 2024 (#MVTDDAY24), commemorating 80 years since the greatest seaborne invasion in history.

2024 has a new organising team with a focus on greater flexibility and improved member involvement, allowing members to do their own thing whilst enjoying the community of the largest military vehicle group in the world.

In the past we have travelled as a large group, 2024 is looking to create a  community of members with a series of experiences, events, discounts, tours, road runs and parades that you wouldn’t get if you weren’t in the MVT community.

It is proposed that members are given an online (and printed version if required) timetable to events over the D-day period.  This will be backed up by regular social media activity during the tour period allowing members to know what is going on, communicate with each other, and enhance their experience.

This approach will allow the members the flexibility to enjoy the experience by themselves, know what is going on and also be part of the most memorable events.

In a change from previous years we will be allowing non WW2 vehicles to register on the tour, although for obvious reasons some events will be WW2 only.

Non-members may come on the tour, however as part of registering for the event they will become a member of the MVT for 12 months.  Non-members will have to have signed up before 1st November 2023.

At this stage we are registering your interest to join the MVT D-Day 2024 community, you are not committed to join the tour by registering at this stage, we just want to know what you might want from a tour if you were to go.
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