I am Leila, I’m a UK based dance artist, I grew up in Southern California and have lived in London for 20 years. My artistic practice pulls on tools from David Zambrano’s Flying Low and Passing Through methods, improvisation and imagery with collaboration at the heart of all processes. I seek to draw on personal experience when creating work as a means of what drives my creativity.

Before the Covid-19 crisis escalated in the UK, I received funding from Arts Council England to research and develop a new dance work, A Curl of Hair.

In 2016 when I was eight months pregnant I found out my partner had been having an affair with a friend who was also pregnant. My world collapsed and I went into shock. The year to follow was the hardest in my life: filled with elation from having my baby paired with the challenges of being a new parent, depression, ending of our relationship and re-entering my freelance career as a single parent.

Curl of Hair is an idea born out of this personal story.
This research aims to collect and build on stories anchored in duality, shame, identity conflict.
This is where you come in... I invite you to take part in the initial research phase by responding in a series of questions.

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