Welcome to our Survey!

Hi all,

I would like to thank you for clicking on this Survey. My name is Laura Corner and I am the Part-Time Parent's Officer at QUBSU. This year I have been working hard to get family friendly services and area's secured at Queens. Since applying for Funding for a Soft Play Area within the Student's Union, I need to gain some information on the need for it. Without your answers we cannot be confident that we will secure this funding! I would like to personally thank you for taking this quick survey that could lead to some really positive and worthwhile change here in the Union! 

The Soft Play Area will be a place for Student Parents and their children to go where they can be confident it is safe, clean, free and specific for use! It will allow for events to be held by Parent Officers to come as well as the Welfare Officers upcoming campaign to have a Pop Up creche during peak exam times.