Welcome to our survey

Welcome to our questionnaire about proposed improvements to Vauxhall Park. 

Vauxhall park is a fantastic community space with a lot of potential to be even better and we need your feedback to see how we can improve this space for all.  We're looking at how we might protect the parks greenery, improve the playground facilities and paths, provide secure fencing around the park that suits the surroundings, protect the heritage features in the park and generally improve and restore the park by building on and upgrading the existing provisions for play, rest and exercise.

This questionnaire is live until the 18th July, and by completing it, you'll be able to have your say on the proposals that have been put forward.  Any of the information you provide us will be used specifically for the purpose of this project and won't be shared with any third parties.

We value your input so please be sure to complete as many questions as possible.