Welcome to the RSGB VHF Contest Committee Consultation to help us set the rules for 2018.

Our earlier consultation on the scoring system for UK Activity Contests (UKAC) has already been decided by a vote, and the 'Nordic' scoring system was selected by the majority of participants.

We have received proposals to change on which nights the UKAC bands (6m, 4m, 2m, 70cms, 23cms) are held, but we are not proposing any changes to the 2018 season.This is for a number of reasons
  • the current allocations of days is common across all countries in Europe that run contests on Tuesday evenings and activity within these events and the number of participating countries is increasing
  • we believe that maintaining coordination with European neighbours is important to maximise potential activity and to provide interesting DX for stations to work
  • the current situation was agreed as a 79/21 vote in favour last year
  • we’re already making a major change to the scoring system by moving from B2 to Nordic. Moving away from co-ordinated dates would have a significant further impact on scoring for many stations
We will continue to lobby our European neighbours to implement coordinated dates for activity contests and attempt to avoid two significant events in the same week.

We have also carefully considered the question of whether to continue to allow the use of ON4KST in the UKACs on the bands below 23cm. Once again, we are not proposing any changes to the the use of ON4KST in UKACs for 2018 because

  • we do not wish to make multiple significant changes to the rules of a major contest simultaneously
  • the number of QSOs made using ON4KST assistance on the bands below 23cm is very small. Furthermore, with the changes to 'Nordic scoring' to be implemented in 2018, such QSOs will have an even smaller impact on scores next year. 
  • we considered disallowing ON4KST use in the AL and AR sections of the UKAC only, but, in such busy contests, it is very difficult to enforce against stations 'gaming' the use of KST. This behaviour was observed prior to 2016 when ON4KST use was limited to a single section. 
However, as an experiment, we are proposing to disallow the use of ON4KST in the Backpackers and Low Power contests. This is to simplify the equipment requirements for these true portable contests and to test our ability to enforce such a rule change. 

This survey will remain open until 2359 UTC on Sunday 29 October. 


Andy Cook, G4PIQ