2021/22 BUDGET
Brixham Town Council's Budget and Precept Consultation for the financial year 2021/22 is presented for your participation during an unprecedented period in the history of our community.

The backdrop for this year's discussion is the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic that has devastated our daily lives and has caused our businesses, organisations and groups much financial hardship, forcing a re-assessment of core aims and objectives.

The same applies to Brixham Town Council, where the members are currently examining all aspects of the organisation's finances in order to bring forward a budget that works for the community and helps us all to move forward together whatever the future may hold for our town.

The total cost of all the services provided by Brixham Town Council is £1.03 per week for the average Brixham household in 2020/21.  This is based on a Council Tax D Band property.  Therefore, many households pay less than this. 
Brixham Town Council delivers community level services such as:
 Allotments £1,500 
 Christmas lights  £21,000
 Lanterns, Lights & ‘luminations events  £6,000
 Town Lengthsman Service inc Keep Brixham Beautiful & Gardening Assistance Scheme   £57,000
 Grants for community groups and organisations  £80,564
 Supporting youth engagement  £1,000
 Brixham Signal Newsletter  £11,800
 Brixham Town Hall  £39,500

Brixham Town Council receives funding in the following ways:
• Precept (council tax) levied on all households
• Income generated by services such as allotments, room hire and Town Lengthsman services
• Funding from external grants and other funding sources

You will find more information on our budget, Strategic plan and services we provide on our website. All Town Council agendas and minutes are public and meetings are open to members of the public, who are entitled to ask questions at the start of the meeting.

We welcome your comments in this consultation, and the Town Council will consider and vote on its final budget in February 2021.  The closing date is 31st January 2021.

This consultation is also available in hardcopies and will be printed in the Brixham Signal in the January issue.


Question Title

* 1. What is your priority?
We have told you how our budget is spent.  Below are a list of services that the Town Council either deliver or could deliver.  Please tell us which are your top 5 priorities (1 = top, 5 = low).  If your priorities are not listed, we have provided space at the end of this form.

  Priority One Priority Two Priority Three Priority Four Priority Five
Car - charging points, improved road signage to car parks
Community Transport
Cycling – cycle lanes, racks and charging points
Floral Displays
Gardening Assistance Scheme
Grass / Hedge Cutting
Grants to organisations to support projects that help the Brixham economy
Grants to businesses to improve the visual appearance of their shop fronts
Grants to charities to support their core financial expenses
Illuminations – all year round illuminations to promote the night time economy around the harbour
Illuminations – Christmas displays
Information Point / Tourism Services
Landscaping and general improved visibility of the town
Markets – renew markets in town ie street markets, fish markets, farmers markets
Solar Powered Bins
Town Hall Regeneration
Town Centre Regeneration
Town Square – Recreating the Town Square as a focal point for the town
Youth – supporting schemes to encourage local employment

Question Title

* 2. Please give us your reasons on why you made these choices?

Question Title

* 3. Are there any services NOT on our list which you would like the Council to start delivering?  Please list them below in order of priority.

Question Title

* 4. Please give us your reasons on why you want the Town Council to consider offering these services?

Question Title

* 5. Are there any services that you would be happy for the Council to STOP supplying? Please list them below.

Question Title

* 6. Please give us your reasons on why you don't want the Town Council to continue with these services?

Question Title

* 7. Please provide us with some contact details to validate your response.