EIF is reviewing how intervention programmes are using virtual, digital, or remote methods to deliver services and interventions, and the challenges associated with using these methods.
Two years ago we contacted programme providers with a survey to ask how you were adapting the delivery of your programme in the context of the first Covid-19 lockdown. Many of you told us you were adapting your programmes in order to deliver them remotely, the purpose of this survey is to assess, two years later, how this went and what has been learned in the interim.

This research will be used by EIF to update our 2020 report into the effectiveness of virtual and digital components with the experience and evidence that has been gained over the last two years of delivering interventions via virtual and digital means.This research will also support the development of a virtual and digital module for the Centre for Family Hubs toolkit, aimed at providing guidance for family hubs around the most effective use of virtual and digital resources in the delivery of services and interventions.

‘Virtual and digital’ (V&D) is a deliberately broad term which includes, but is not limited to, digital services delivered via the Internet. EIF defines a virtual and digital service as one which can be delivered remotely without any in-person interaction between provider and participant. This includes using mediums such as telephones, video conferencing, apps, websites and self-directed activities or worksheets amongst others.

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We would be grateful if you could complete this survey by 22/07/22 at the very latest.
Should you have any questions or difficulties with this survey, please email them to thomas.masterman@eif.org.uk