Introduction to this survey

EIF is reviewing how Family Hubs and local areas are using virtual, digital, or remote methods to deliver services to support families and young people, and the challenges associated with using these methods.
This research will support the Department for Education and National Centre for Family Hubs in development of the Family Hubs approach. Specifically, this research will guide and inform the creation of a ‘virtual and digital module’ for the National Centre for Family Hubs toolkit, aimed at providing guidance for Family Hubs on the most effective use of virtual and digital resources in the delivery of services and interventions.
This research will also be used by EIF to update our 2020 report into the effectiveness of virtual and digital way components to support families.
By 'virtual and digital' (V&D), we mean services or interventions that are delivered remotely (or are partially delivered remotely) using technology (i.e. some or all components delivered without any in-person interaction between provider and participant). For example, they could include the delivery of social work through video calling software, or the use of texts to remind families of upcoming sessions or services. This can include mediums such as telephones, video conferencing, apps, websites, self-guided activities, and online worksheets.
We would strongly encourage you to fill out this survey to tell us how you’re using virtual and digital resources in service delivery, and the challenges you face in doing so. This will allow us to tailor the report, and subsequent guidance, to the needs of your local area and address the challenges you face.
This survey should be completed by individuals who are best placed to answer questions on the delivery of services and interventions to families, children, and young people in your family hub or local area (e.g., Heads of Early Years Services, Early Years Strategic Lead’s, Family Hubs managers etc.). Individuals who have experience in the delivery of services and interventions digitally are also encouraged to complete this survey. Please also share this survey with the people you work with.
Please note this survey is separate from DfE’s Growing Up Well digital project survey. As such the focus of our survey is not on data sharing or collaboration, but more on the challenges local areas face when using virtual or digital resources in the delivery of services and interventions for families, children, and young people.
By completing this survey, you are giving your consent for EIF to collect your data and an acknowledgement that you have been given access to the Data Privacy Notice, in which we set out the ways in which will collect, process, and store your data and the legal basis for doing so, as well as your rights. The Data Privacy Notice can be found via this link.
We would be grateful if you could complete this survey by the 29th of July.