Welcome to Our Survey

Edinburgh is fortunate to have over 40 institutional archive services within its boundaries. It has services with a national focus, academic, artistic, commercial, medical and religious. Each of us has collections relevant to the city we operate in and together we represent the documentary heritage of the nation's capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The realities under which archives work under, however, are changing. We increasingly must take in digital collections and face audiences that expect more and more content online.

Like many of you, Edinburgh City Archives is facing a period of significant flux in the years ahead. For us, it comes as a result of needing to move from our current storage facility and pressures around our current access arrangements. To attempt some planning for this, the City of Edinburgh Council's Archive Policy commits the Council to bring together an Archive Development Plan for the city archives in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, namely you.

We are therefore interested in hearing from you formally around what you hold that is relevant to the city's history, what you would be interested in and able to collaborate with us on, and what the opportunities and challenges are that you see your service facing in the next five years.

The results of this Archives Stakeholder survey will be the basis of a report to the City of Edinburgh Council's Culture & Communities Committee and our subsequent Archive Development Plan.

All results and comments will be generalised or anonymised unless you permit us to identify your service.

Thank you.