Tell us what you think about the new proposals

The Welsh Government are looking to tackle obesity across the nation and are considering far reaching options that will affect food businesses. These include compulsory calorie labelling, restricting where certain new food businesses can open or operate, online ordering restrictions on special offers and product positioning.
These changes will likely affect all food businesses in Wales as well as those who trade in Wales. The Welsh Government has asked for our input and so we need to know what you think about the proposed changes.

Help us to help you by taking this survey so that you can be part of the consultation.

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* 1. Is your business based in Wales and/or do you trade in Wales 

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* 2. The Welsh Government would like to introduce a law to stop promotions in shops on less healthy food and drink which are high in fat, sugar or salt. This includes:

● temporary price reductions (like ‘this week’s offer’)

● multi-buy offers (like ‘buy one get one free’)

● volume offers (like meal deals).

Do you think this is a good idea?

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* 3. Do you think that stopping the placement of less healthy foods and drink at store entrances, checkouts, aisle ends, or free-standing display units is a good idea?

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* 4. Which option should the Government focus on? 

Option A: Things that most affect children’s health and weight

Option B: All products high in fat, sugar, or salt

Option A: 

 ● Soft drinks

● Chocolate confectionery

● Sugar confectionery like sweets and fudge

● Cakes

 ● Ice cream

● Morning goods like breakfast bars and drinks

● Puddings and dairy desserts

● Sweet biscuits

● Breakfast cereals

● Yoghurts

● Milk-based drinks with added sugar

● Juice based drinks with added sugar

● Pizza

● Crisps and savoury snacks

● Ready meals

● Chips and potato products

Option B

Option B Focus on everything in Option A plus:

● Garlic bread

● Pies and quiches

● Bread with additions like raisin bread and hot-cross buns

● Crackers and crispbreads

● Cooking sauces and pastes

● Table sauces like ketchup and thousand island dressings

● Processed meat products like ham and pepperoni

● Pasta /rice/ noodles with added flavours like noodle pots

● Prepared dips and salads like cheesy dips and salsa salads

● Egg products and dishes like egg mayonnaise

● Sweet spreads like chocolate spreads

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* 5. Lots of people buy food online and get it delivered. If the Welsh Government make these changes, they want the law to include online food shopping.

The new rules will affect some shops and businesses and not others.

There are some smaller shops that sell chocolate, cheese, sweets, and other things.

These shops would also have to limit their offers. They would not have to move items away from the entrance or other areas.

N.B: Food that isn’t pre-packed and food that’s close to its use-by-date would not be affected.

Do you think it is a good idea to include online shopping in the new rules?

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* 6. The Welsh Government have outlined two options for the new rules, the first is that they should not affect:


● small businesses (below 50 staff)

● close to use-by-date price reductions

● non pre-packed products



They should not affect: 

 ● small businesses (below 50 staff)

● stores that are smaller than 2,000 square feet (about the size of a tennis court)

● specialist retailers.

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* 7. Calorie Labelling

One way to change eating habits is to put clear information about calories on menus. This includes online menus for home delivery meals. Some cafes, restaurants and takeaways already do this, but the Welsh Government wants all establishments to have calorie labelling. This means that you will have to implement calorie labelling - this includes mobile catering businesses too.

The Welsh Government want to have calorie labelling on food that is eaten out or taken home.

Do you think this is a good idea?

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* 8. There are lots of ways that menus are displayed in restaurants and takeaways like chalkboards, wall menus, screens and other places. Information about calories should:

● be clear and easy to find

● use calories (Kcal), as that’s what most people understand

● refer to the ‘recommended daily amount’ to help people know how much to eat across the day.

Do you think this is a good idea? 

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* 9. Should these rules include online food and drink deals too?

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* 10. They are also considering including calories on children’s menus. However, there are some issues that could make this difficult:

● children’s menus cover lots of ages

● children need different calories at different ages

● it can be difficult for parents or carers to know what calories their child needs.

Should children’s menus be free from having to show calories? 

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* 11. Should businesses have menus without calorie labelling available for people who ask for it?

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* 12. Sugary soft drinks

Some drinks have lots of sugar and are unhealthy for people. They can affect weight, teeth and energy levels. When we eat out, these drinks are often cheaper or come with free refills. Some countries like France have already banned unlimited soft drinks.

Do you think this is a good idea?

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* 13. The new rules will affect all restaurants, cafes, takeaway and mobile businesses no matter what size they are, do you agree with this? 

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* 14. There are some menu items that wouldn’t expect to be labelled. Things like:

● pre-packed food that already has the calories printed on it

● tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and other things people add to their food

● fresh fruit and vegetables

Do you think this is a good idea?

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* 15. In some communities, there are lots of unhealthy food to choose from, and not enough healthy choices. The Welsh Government want this to change. They want communities to make the healthy choice the easy choice. They want them to be healthy places where people can be active and get involved in planning their areas.

What support could they put in place so you have more healthy options in your local areas?

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* 16. Limiting the number of takeaways in towns and close to schools and colleges.

Many young people bring a packed lunch or eat in school, but some don’t. When there are takeaways all around a school, it becomes a quick, easy option. But it’s not always healthy. Some areas are already dealing with this. In Wrexham, takeaways must be more than 400 metres or a 10-minute walk from schools.

The Welsh Government want to limit the number of takeaways in towns and close to schools and colleges.

Should they look at changing the way planning decisions are made to limit the number of takeaways in communities and close to secondary schools and colleges?

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* 17. Is there anything else that you would like us to feedback to the Welsh Government?