Novemeber 2016


Murray Park School, working with Mellors Catering requests your help. Please complete the following Customer Satisfaction Survey. Thank you for your time.

* 1. Your Child is (please select one)

* 2. Your Child is (please select one)

* 3. Do you know what they usually eat for lunch? (please select all which apply)

* 4. Who decides if they will have a school lunch or not? (Please select one)

* 5. How often do they eat school lunch? (please select one)

* 6. Which of these affects what they choose to eat for lunch? (Please select the three that are most important to you)

* 7. If they have eaten school lunches recently, how would you describe them? (Please select the value that shows how you feel about school lunches)

* 8. Do you have any say in what foods are offered at School? For example, are you asked for suggestions? (Please select one)

* 9. Do they have enough time to eat their lunch / do any lunchtime activities they may wish to take part in? (Please select one)

* 10. If they never have school meal for lunch, why not? (Please select one or write your own reason)

* 11. What’s the best thing about school lunches?

* 12. What’s the worst thing about school lunches?

* 13. What would you do to improve their school’s lunches or their lunchtime experience?

* 14. Additional comments / suggestions

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback is valued and very much appreciated!