This survey should only take around 15 minutes to do. If possible, it should be completed by the CEO or a senior manager of the organisation's work in Westminster.
Completing the survey will:

1. Register your organisation as a member of the Westminster Community Network (WCN) and enable you to receive free Volunteer Centre, Organisation Support and Corporate Volunteering services as a member of  One Westminster.
2. Update as necessary the public information for the Online Directory of the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) in Westminster - please explore it if you are not familiar, available here
3. Provide an overview of the sector which can be collated and shared with local and London-wide voluntary and statutory partners.
The survey is annual to ensure the Directory information, contacts and the permissions for use are all up-to-date.

Thank you for taking the time to complete it!

Question Title

* 1. Permission to store and process your data: we are required by law to ask for your permission to record details of your organisation and staff, primarily your contact details and corporate information about your organisation. The record of your organisation will be stored in an electronic contact management system. Paper copies of your data may also be stored securely. Your organisation details may be processed anonymously to analyse the state of the voluntary sector in Westminster.

Do you give consent to the recording of information about your organisation and staff members contact details?