Consultation Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to help us gain feedback from members of the local community on our proposal to the Secretary of State (DfE) for St Paul’s Way Trust School to extend its 6th form. Your opinion is valued, and will be used to shape and inform the proposal.

We are required to collect your full name, address and postcode to evidence your interest and knowledge of the area. We will not share this information other than to evidence responses in our consultation in our proposal to the DfE.

* 1. Do you support the proposal to expand our 6th form to the building next to the secondary school?

* 2. Do you support our proposal to increase numbers of pupils in our 6th form?

* 3. Do you support our vision of creating a unified and centralised school?

* 4. Do you agree that the Secretary of State for Education should enter into a funding agreement with the St Paul’s Way Trust School to build the new 6th Form Centre for September 2019?

* 5. Our aim is to meet growing demand for 6th form places in Tower Hamlets and move existing pupils out of temporary accommodation. Do you think our consultation documentation reflects this aim?

* 6. Do you have any additional comments?

* 8. Address