* 1. What do you like most about Marple? (tick all you agree with)

* 2. Marple centre and shops

  Yes No Don't know
There are enough shops
More independent and local shops are needed
More national chains are needed
We need an extra supermarket
Marple precinct needs investment

* 3. Getting around Marple - what would you do?

  Agree Disagree N/A
More car parking in the centre
More car parking at the stations
Better bus stops
Stockport Road (main road) should be easier to cross
Marple station and services should be improved
Make it easier to walk around Marple
Make it easier to cycle and park bikes
Less congestion on routes to Stockport and the M60
Better public transport to Stockport

* 4. Community facilities

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree No view
Marple needs an arts centre
There are enough places to rehearse, perform or listen to music
There are enough places for social, exercise and other clubs to meet 
More playing fields are needed
There are enough play areas for children
Existing children's play areas should be improved before new ones are provided
More allotments are needed

* 5. Homes and houses. Marple will come under pressure to provide more homes, but we can influence what sort and where they are provided.

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree No view
Marple has enough housing already
More starter homes should be built
More retirement flats and bungalows should built
More flats are needed
More homes for rent are needed
More affordable homes are needed
We should encourage good modern architecture for new houses

* 6. Heritage and tourism. Marple should ...

  Yes No Don't know
Do more to protect its landscape and environment
Protect and promote historic buildings and the canals
Promote our natural environment to encourage tourism
Promote our historic buildings and sights to encourage tourism
We do  enough to attract tourists already

* 7. Jobs and training

  Yes No Don't know
Marple has enough jobs and businesses already
More space for businesses in general should be provided to reduce the need to commute
Flexible space should be provided for small businesses and start-up businesses, including in new housing areas

* 8. What would make the biggest improvement to your life in Marple?

* 9. Could you let us have your postcode please? This will help us identify what people from different parts of Marple want. If you would like us to send you updates on our plan, please leave your email