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Shaping sepsis research for the future: your chance to have your say

In a once in a generation project for Sepsis Research FEAT, over the next 12-18 months we will be asking sepsis survivors, their carers, and health and social care professionals to help us identify the top ten unanswered questions to guide future research into sepsis. To make sure that researchers focus on the most pressing needs – of people at risk or diagnosed with sepsis, and the people who care for them.
What is sepsis?
Sepsis is the body’s life-threatening over-reaction to an infection.  
When sepsis strikes the immune system overreacts and starts attacking not just the infection, but everything else around it including the body’s own tissues and organs. Any type of infection —bacterial, viral or fungal — can lead to sepsis, with potentially devastating results.
Your questions
Please think about the impact sepsis has had on you and what you would like research into sepsis to address.
If you are a health and social care professional, please think about what research into sepsis you would like addressed.​
We want to hear all of your questions and ideas, no matter how big or small.
You may have questions about understanding sepsis – the causes, risk factors, diagnosis and prognosis. You may also have questions about living with the after-effects of sepsis – potential impairments, issues for carers, access to services and the likelihood of further episodes of sepsis.
If you are helping a person with health issues to complete this survey, please make sure that the responses are their own. You can complete the survey again yourself as the carer.
Examples of unanswered questions from priority setting exercises relating to other health conditions include:
· Can we develop a vaccine to prevent prostate cancer?
· How can stroke survivors and their families be helped to cope with a speech problem?
What will we do with the results?
We will use the results of this survey to publish a report detailing the top ten questions that have been identified by this process. The report will guide future research and inform our wider work as a charity.
Your data
Any personal information that you have provided will be anonymised and will only be used in relation to this project.
Your personal information (for example your gender or ethnic group) will be held and used in compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR).
You can complete this survey multiple times from different viewpoints if that is relevant to you.  For example, you may have had sepsis yourself and also be a carer for someone who has had sepsis.
To complete the survey again follow the instructions at the end of the survey.
All questions marked * require an answer

Who should take part

This survey is open to the following groups in the UK:

Question Title

* Please tick as many boxes as possible that apply to you, to help us understand the types of people we are hearing from