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Transport for the North (TfN) is a unique partnership, established in October 2014, between the 19 Northern Local Transport Authorities, Department for Transport, Network Rail, High Speed 2 Ltd and Highways England. TfN allows the North to speak with a coherent and integrated approach to pan-Northern strategic transport planning and investment in order to achieve a transformed economic geography across economic centres.

TfN and Partners share a common vision for a vibrant and growing economy across the North of England, which builds on its unique economic strengths, to transform the economy, provide opportunities for its communities, attracts and retains the brightest and best talent, and is a global force in terms of its research, development, and business activities.

The Cities and Local Government Devolution Act is a crucial shift in governance and funding power to the North. The Bill will enable creation of TfN as Sub-National Transport Body, the first in the UK, to lead in developing the case for strategic transport investment, and transformational economic growth across the North.

TfN is currently developing an integrated, multi-modal Strategic Transport Plan (STP) which will set the long-term sequenced investment priorities as a sub-national transport body. The STP will be supported by input from an Integrated Rail Report, Strategic Roads Report, Economic Growth and Transport Demand Analysis, Freight and Logistics Report, International Connectivity Commission, and an Integrated Sustainability Appraisal. This will be in addition to TfN’s existing programmes of work around Smart North and Northern Powerhouse Rail.

Local and national evidence, as well as the findings of the Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review, are being used as the backbone to inform the Strategic Transport Plan, with the ambition to help grow the North’s economy by £97 billion by 2050.

Campaign for Better Transport is working with Transport for the North on this project, facilitating engagement with environmental and sustainable transport stakeholders.

This survey seeks your views on the key social and environmental issues affecting the TfN Strategic Transport Plan.  It asks you to think first about the challenges that the Plan has to address, and then to consider the opportunities for improvements that the Plan could deliver. 

We welcome your responses by 25 November, to influence the development of the Plan. The survey will stay open after that date for additional responses.