South East Cambridge Busway

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) is proposing to improve journeys into south east Cambridge from the A11 and A1307, using funds from central government.

The main focus of this project is to encourage commuters to use a new Park & Ride close to the A11 and then use the bus for their journey into Cambridge. The project aims to reduce travel times and cut peak-hour traffic congestion on the A1307 into Cambridge.

Their preferred option is to build a new off-road bus route from Babraham to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. A new Park & Ride site would be built between Babraham village and the A11. From the Biomedical Campus, the buses would join the existing guided busway route to Cambridge Rail Station and then from the station the buses would travel on roads to the Drummer Street bus station.

A section of the busway would run through the Gog Magog Hills (within the Green Belt of Cambridge) and cut through roads and pedestrian paths - this is the short-listed option (yellow line). An alternative, more expensive route, would bypass that green land by using the old railway (blue dotted line).

busway route options
Learn more about this busway plan on these websites:

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* 1. Do you live either in Cambridge or in South Cambridgeshire?

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* 3. Are you aware of the plan by the Greater Cambridge Partnership to build a new off-road bus route from Babraham to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus?

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* 4. A section of this busway would run through the 'Cambridge Green Belt' near Gog Magog and would be damaging to the landscape and views. There is a less-damaging - but more expensive - alternative route that would use the old Cambridge-Haverhill railway line. Which option would you support.

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* 5. Have you already answered a similar survey in the past?