We want to know about the Big Issues for self-advocates and the things that are stopping you from being included.

This information will help us to create Calls to Action which will say what must change to create an inclusive future for all people with an intellectual disability.

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* 1. Are you a person with an intellectual disability (learning disability)?

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* 2. What country are you from?

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* 3. What are some of the big issues for you? Choose 3.

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* 4. What are some of the things that stop you being included in the community? Choose 3

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* 5. What are some of the things that stop you from making your own decisions? Choose 3

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* 6. What are some of the things that stop you (or others you know) from having a job or being paid fairly. Choose 3

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* 7. What is your email?

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The next step is to tell us your ideas and experiences. 

Tell us -

·        Your experiences of being included
·        Your experiences of being excluded
·        What you think should change to make inclusion happen around the world. 
·        What we should tell governments, decision makers and organisations

You can tell us using -

·        Email selfadvocacysummit@inclusion-international.org·       
·         Facebook in our Self-advocacy Summit Group 
·        Twitter with the hashtag #selfadvocacysummit

We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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