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Here are some of the other items on offer from the RSCDS:

CD Reprint
- CD 47: available for £14.30
- CD Collins Vol. 2: available for £14.30
- The Magazine Dances CD: available for £14.30

RSCDS Sets of Books and CD's
The RSCDS is now selling select tiles in sets for a limited time only, so be sure to get your hands on them while supplies last.
- A Second Book Of Graded Scottish Country Dances Book & CD: £13.80
- Book & CD 1 £10.00
- Book & CD 47: £19.99
- Book & CD 48: £19.99
- Book & CD 49: £19.99
- Book & CD 50: £20.65
- Complete MMM CD's Part 1 To 5: £22.00
- Macnab Scottish Dances Book & CD: £15.00
- Medal Tests The Dances Book & CD: £15.50
- MMM Book & CD's Part 1 To 5: £29.20
- P/E Books 1 To 45: £8.00