Parents in Partnership Stockport (PIPS) would like to seek the views of our members, as we plan the next twelve months and beyond.

We would like our members to be fully involved as much as possible, to ensure that everyone's voices are heard as we shape PIPS and the involvement in shaping services within Stockport. This survey closes on the 31st May 2016

* 1. How have you been involved with Parents in Partnership Stockport (PIPS)?

* 2. How would you like to be more involved?

* 3. How would you prefer to receive information?

* 4. What workshops or training would you be interested in taking part?

* 5. What events would you like PIPS to put on?

* 6. PIPS are evolving and looking at moving forward in the future. What would like to see PIPS become?

* 7. Thank you for your input, your feedback is valued. If you would like to become involved, please leave your name, email address and/or telephone number.