As part of the Commonwealth Marine Plastics Research and Innovation Framework (MPRIF), the ACU has been awarded funding by the UK Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), to run a programme of work that will support research and innovation in marine plastics.

The programme will be delivered through two core activities:
  1. Commonwealth Blue Charter Capacity Audit
  2. Commonwealth Blue Charter Fellowships

The aim of the Commonwealth Blue Charter Capacity Audit is to identify the extent of existing capacity within Commonwealth universities to conduct and support world-class research and innovation in marine plastics in order to inform future decisions on research funding, capacity strengthening and the brokering of partnerships under the MPRIF.

The Commonwealth Blue Charter Capacity Audit (which will be launched later this year) will assess capacity in the following major areas:
  1. Scientific expertise and research activity (human capacity)
  2. Research and innovation support capacity
  3. Research facilities
  4. Links with non-higher education stakeholders

We are seeking expressions of interest from those interested in participating in the Commonwealth Blue Charter Capacity Audit. At this stage we would like to identify universities/ institutions willing to participate in the full survey for the Commonwealth Blue Charter Capacity Audit. Should we receive multiple responses from a single university/institution, we will seek a point of contact for future communication.

The target audience for the Commonwealth Blue Charter Capacity Audit might include, but is not limited to, someone who:
  • is an academic with existing competency in the area of relevant field/discipline;
  • is part of senior management of a university/institution pursuing relevant research and innovation initiatives;
  • is an office holder involved in policy making processes and/or systemic level strengthening of capacity, research, and innovation in the relevant field/discipline.
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