We currently operate in 13 function areas outlined below, and give three of the areas priority each year. To help us plan our top three priorities for next year, we'd like to know what is most important to you, as a Devon, Plymouth, Somerset or Torbay resident or business.

We will combine the results with other data to plan our priorities for the next financial year, but rest assured our work will continue across all function areas to protect consumers and help good businesses to prosper. 

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* 1. Are you a resident or a business?

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* 2. Please tell us what is most important to you from the list below, choosing your top three priorities and ranking them by first, second and third priority.

  First priority Second priority Third priority
Product safety (ensuring goods supplied to consumers are safe)
Agriculture (ensuring that safe and wholesome feed is made and fed to farm animals - which will later enter the food chain)
Consumer education (ensuring the public know about their consumer rights, in partnership with Citizens Advice)
Scams (supporting and protecting often vulnerable victims, and preventing others from becoming victims)
Fair trading (including misdescription of goods and services, misleading pricing and fraudulent business practices)
Animal disease control (preventing and controlling any outbreaks of diseases)
Advice and assistance to businesses (across the whole range of Trading Standards legislation – including running our Buy With Confidence approved trader scheme)
Age restricted products (preventing harm caused by the supply of products such as alcohol and tobacco to under 18's)
Animal health and welfare of farm animals (starting from the farm, through to livestock markets and abattoirs)
Weights and measures (protecting consumers from short measure – from testing packing processes in factories, through to checking petrol pumps and shop scales etc)
Licensing (ensuring petrol stations operate safely and that explosives/fireworks are stored safely)
Doorstep crime (preventing often vulnerable people from becoming victims of “rogue” traders and investigating offences as appropriate)
Food standards (ensuring food is accurately described and labelled, and does not contain banned additives or ingredients)

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* 3. Please give us any other suggestions or comments here, and thank you for taking the time to complete our survey.