We’re making a brand-new game for Tottenham that celebrates the area’s rich cultural and social history and we need your stories! 

The game is being created with the local digital artist Imwen Eke and the UpLIFTers, a group of Tottenham teenagers that have been working on various artistic projects with LIFT since 2015. Premiering in August, it will be an immersive digital experience that will take audiences to different sites across the local area where some of Tottenham's hidden stories will be revealed through augmented reality combined with live performances.

As the game is currently being developed, the UpLIFTers are gathering stories and ideas that will then be incorporated into the game so we need the help of the local community to uncover Tottenham's undiscovered stories, from the everyday events that make the area what it is or the 'I can't believe that happened here!' moments.

If you have a story to share, please complete the form below or find out how else you can submit your story on our website.

If you'd prefer your story to remain anonymous that's fine, but we do ask for your email address just in case we need any further details from you at all.

Unfortunately, due to time and space limitations, we won't be able to feature everyone's story in the game but they will all be part of our research process. We may also use the stories as part of the communication and publicity around the game. 

Thank you!

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* 3. Can you tell us about your relationship with Tottenham - were you born there, do you live there now and if so, how long have you lived there? 

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* 4. If we do use your story in the game or as part of the communications around the game, would you like it to remain anonymous?

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* 5. Please tell us your local Tottenham story - please remember to tell us where and when this took place as the game is location-based:

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