Big Meadow Outdoor Gym Equipment

Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council was awarded a grant for £10,000 towards the purchase and installation  of Outdoor Gym Equipment with the aim of improving the physical and mental health of the local community by encouraging exercising with family and/or friends in beautiful surroundings and free of charge.
The purpose of this second survey is to obtain more feedback, positive or negative,of the effectiveness of this project during the winter months.

* 1. Are you aware of the Outdoor Gym facility on the Big Meadow?

* 2. Do you exercise regularly

* 3. Do you prefer exercising on your own or with friends and/or family

* 4. Have you used the Outdoor Gym facility on the Big Meadow

* 5. If you haven't used the Out Door Gym facility, would you give your reasons for this

* 6. Would you use the Outdoor Gym facility if it were installed in a less public area

* 7. Does the winter weather influence your decision whether or not to exercise outdoors?

* 8. Does the fact that the Outdoor Gym equipment is installed in a Public Open Space influence your decision whether or not to use it?

* 9. Would you take part in an organised exercise session using the Outdoor Gym Equipment?

* 10. Would you like to more Outdoor Gym Equipment installed