Quality Meat Scotland has asked SAOS and ScotEID to gauge interest amongst Scottish sheep producers in receiving abattoir feedback on their individual, known animals.  For example, with respect to carcass grade, weight and price.

Feedback against each individual animal number is facilitated by Electronic Identification (EID) and is already currently available in some situations, allowing some farmers to use feedback information for on-farm management purposes.  For example, to support decisions about tup and ewe selection, feeding regimes and animal health management.

To help identify the potential to expand EID-facilitated lamb reporting by Scottish abattoirs, we are interested in views across the sheep industry (including pedigree, finisher and breeding flocks) regarding the benefits of and barriers to uptake.  To help us understand reasons for seeking or not seeking EID-facilitated feedback, you are invited to please complete this survey.

Individual survey responses will be anonymous and aggregated, with only summary statistics reported.