Shaping Futures 2018

Our experience tells us school leaders need the time and space to sustain their own resilience and personal and professional effectiveness, so they can be more effective in role. 
By joining us for the Shaping Futures conference we hope you will:
improved resilience and the ability to work more effectively
improved strategies for leadership issues
inspired by speakers
ability to reflect on leadership issues through the day
renewed enthusiasm and space to reflect
insight from other school environments through the networking

You are encouraged to continue to network after the Conference ends. 
For enquiries or further information email
Thank you to those who have worked on the Steering group
Aspire James Gale;  Elements   Amy Healy 
Compass  Daniel Pipola; Focus  Janette Catton & Clare Alonzi 
Potential Michelle Harris, Katie Dominy,  Brenda Law, Claire Jackson
Francis Andy McConville; Romero Laura Stevenson 
Unity Neil Kitching Roots   Steve Jones

* 1. First Name and Surname (Please spell correctly as this will form your delegate badge)

* 2. Role/ Job title

* 3. How long have you been in post and what are the key areas of responsibilities?

* 6. Your email (Please spell correctly to ensure joining instructions reach you)

* 7. Dietary requirements

* 8. How did you hear about the Conference?

* 9. What is your main reason for attending?

* 10. The Steering group were keen to raise awareness of the strong practice that is happening across our city.    Therefore Shaping Futures will include a session during the morning where representatives from each network will have ten minutes to share an aspect of good practice.

Network leads will facilitate a discussion to identify good practice, but is there an aspect of your network that you feel should be shared?
If so, please detail below.

* 11. On completion of this booking form you will be invoiced for your place ahead of the Conference.
The Conference is £160 for the first delegate and £75 for additional delegates from the same school.
(We will be able to see on our system where there are more from one school and invoice accordingly)

Once this booking form is completed, it is non refundable.
Invoices will be sent in advance of the conference.

Bookings can be transferred to an alternative name but  they are not refundable.

Please provide name of the appropriate person in your organisation to receive the invoice 

* 12. Please provide correctly spelt email of the appropriate person in your organisation to receive the invoice

* 13. Our Inspirational Speakers - for further information click on the links!

Dame Alison Peacock      Click here
Isabella Wallace                Click here

* 14. Are you interested in a new post in the future and if so is there any support / CPD you would wish to access to enable you to do so?