Learning Link Scotland Survey of Member Services

At the heart of Learning Link Scotland’s purpose are the needs of its members. It’s crucial that we find out what you need and want from us, and how we can improve the support we give you.

One important way we ask you about the work we do at learning Link Scotland is by carrying out a brief on-line survey.

Whether you are a member from the third sector or are from the public sector, are a funder or a partner; whether you have worked directly with us or just accessed our information and resources online we would like to hear your views.

By filling in the survey you will help us understand ways in which we can improve our work with you in the future.  This year we are particularly focussing on our member services and how we can develop them.

The survey is just 10 questions long (multiple choice questions) and should take about 5 minutes to complete. Your answers will be treated confidentially. It is all on one page, just scroll down.
Please complete by Friday 13 January 2017

We will publish the results of the survey (which is anonymous) on our website and use the information to improve our work.

If you have any difficulties accessing the survey or want to ask us more about what Learning Link Scotland can do for you, please contact us at info@learninglinkscotland.org.uk

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete our survey.

Question Title

* 1. Are you a member of Learning Link Scotland?

Question Title

* 2. What kind of organisation do you work for?

Question Title

* 3. To what extent do you agree with these statements about our Learning Link Scotland information services for members?

  Yes No N/A
The E-Bulletin should be produced monthly
I like to receive occasional E-Express emails
I would like to be able to share information and promote my organisation on the refreshed website
I access information on Facebook
I access information on Twitter
I access information on LinkedIn
I would like Learning Link Scotland to compile feedback and complete surveys on behalf of members

Question Title

* 4. Thinking about Learning Link Scotland priorities in developing the programme for the coming year, which of the following would you like to attend?

  Yes Maybe No
Quarterly National Network meetings, held in locations around Scotland
Professional Learning workshops, developed around themes identified by members
National events,such as the Learning for Democracy
Seminars, such as those run with Glasgow University on Self-directed learning
EU projects and information, support and advice on those thinking about EU funding
Events to discuss policy, such as Mapping Adult Learning supporting the Statement of Ambition for Adult Learning

Question Title

* 5. Learning Link Scotland represents voluntary or third sector adult learning at a strategic level, do you agree that the following methods are good methods for consulting you?

  Agree Disagree N/A
Online surveys
Learning Link Scotland Network meetings
Focus groups
Telephone consultations
Online Forum
Learning Link Scotland Committee

Question Title

* 6. Evidencing the Impact - evaluation support for adult learning organisations is a Learning Link Scotland resource which is freely available to members and partners. Please tell us to what extent the following statements are true:

  Yes No N/A
I know about Evidencing the Impact
I have a copy of Evidencing the Impact but have not used it yet
I have used Evidencing the Impact to support my work
I have taken part in training on Evidencing the Impact
I would like to find out more about Evidencing the Impact

Question Title

* 7. Learning Link Scotland develops resources and training which are freely available to members and partners. Please tell us which of the following resources and or training you would like to find out more about:

  Yes No N/A
New Approaches to Gathering Learners' Views -  guidance and case studies
REAL - recognition of experience and learning for adult educators
[Forthcoming] DigiMaths - guidance on digital technologies for teaching numeracy
Digitally Agile - using CLD principles to plan and develop digital technology

Question Title

* 8. Learning Link Scotland will develop support services for members for the year ahead, are the following issues of interest for you and your organisation?

  Yes Maybe No
Learner Voice
Educational guidance
Family learning
Measuring Impact
Digital Skills

Question Title

* 9. We at Learning Link Scotland aim to establish member committees to help us respond effectively to what is happening nationally in relation to policy, professional learning and measuring the impact of our work. Would you be intersted in joining one of the following committees?

  Yes No N/A
Policy Committee
Professional Learning Committee
Measuring Impact Committee

Question Title

* 10. If you wish to talk more about Learning Link Scotland or this survey, and feel comfortable giving us your contact details, please do so in the box below.

Thank you for completing our survey, your comments are valued and will help us to improved our member services. If you are not a member and would like to join, or would like to find out more about any of the services mentioned in the survey then please contact info@learninglinkscotland.org.uk