US & THEM PROJECT - Birmingham Survey B

US & THEM is a Fourth Wall project using theatre to discuss and explore social issues that affect younger and older generations in different communities and locations across Birmingham. We need your help to understand what you think are the most important issues in your community and how much different communities interact with one another.

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* 1. Your Age Group

* 2. About You - please provide your name and post code. If you are happy to take part in further research please provide your email 

* 3. What do you believe are the key social issues for you or your community? - you can choose more than one

* 4. Fourth Wall uses theatre to explore social issues, primarily through running workshops on the topic and creating performances. With this in mind, what issue do you think Fourth Wall should look at and why? 

* 5. What do you believe is the most important social issue for you or your community? - you can only choose one

* 6. WHAT DO YOU DO - how often do you mix with others from outside of your local, social, cultural or religious group? - not including your family

* 7. WHO DO YOU MEET - How often do you mix with other age groups that are much older or younger than you?  - not including your family

* 8. WHERE DO YOU GO - How often do you travel to other parts of Birmingham to socialise or attend an event? - not including visiting your family, the city centre or to go to hospital, school or work

* 9. Nationality

* 10. Ethnic Background

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