Stakeholder Survey

Between November 2015 and August 2017, National Grid, in partnership with our contractors, dismantled the Clarendon Road gas holders and prepared the ground for future use.

As part of our commitment to local engagement, we like to gather feedback from the community. We want to know how well informed you were about the work, how the work impacted you, and how you felt National Grid performed throughout the process.

This is very important to us and we will use the information you provide to inform future projects. We would very much appreciate you taking the time to fill in the survey below.

* Contact details

* 1) Did you receive letters and leaflets from National Grid introducing proposals to dismantle the gas holders and carry out site enabling works?

* 2) Did the letters and leaflets explain the dismantling process clearly and in enough detail?

* 3) Did you understand the reasons for dismantling the gas holders?

* 4) Was it made clear to you that we operate a community helpline for any queries?

* 5) Were you aware of the various methods of contact (phone, email, post) local residents were able to have with National Grid's community relations team?

* 6) How satisfied are you with the communications provided to you by National Grid throughout the works?

* 7) What level of disruption (if any) did you encounter in each of the following areas throughout the duration of the project?

  None Acceptable Needs improvement Unacceptable
Traffic disruption

* 8) Did you feel the need to contact our community relations team?

* 9) Did you know about our monthly meetings with the Haringey Heartlands Residents and Business Liaison Group (RBLG)?

* 10) Do you know who National Grid is, and what it is aiming to achieve?

* 11) Please summarise your experience of National Grid's recent work in your area

* 12) How could we improve our community relations activities on similar projects?

* 13) Do you have any other comments about National Grid or our work at the Clarendon Road Gasworks?