The purpose of this survey is to evaluate if homes are needed

We would like your help to allow us to understand more about the type of housing that may be needed by local people in the village of Stanton on the Wolds in order to help inform the type and size of homes that may be built in the future.

To assist us, we would be grateful if you could find the time to complete this ‘Housing Needs Survey’.  It should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. All the information provided will be confidential. 

This housing needs survey is being conducted by Midlands Rural Housing.  We carry out independent rural housing enabling work across this region for local authorities, parish councils, neighbourhood plan groups and local developers.  

This particular survey has been commissioned by Rushcliffe Borough Council as they are interested in establishing what type of homes are needed by the village community now and in the future.

The Council is duty bound to gather information about the housing needs of its communities so we may understand the needs of all our residents, whether they wish to buy their own home,  part rent or part buy (shared ownership), rent privately or through a social landlord such as a Housing Association.  

The information from this kind of survey is used to make sure that any new homes built reflect what is needed by existing local residents who have a connection to the particular area.  The need may be for affordable homes for rent or shared ownership, private rented homes or open market homes to meet particular needs (e.g. homes suitable for people to downsize into and free up larger houses, or smaller homes to allow people to get onto the property ladder).  The housing needs of all villages should be assessed every 5 years to ensure that the local people’s needs’ are understood.  The results of this survey will provide an indicative level of need for homes required in the village. 

Rural areas are facing many challenges such as major threats to shops, pubs, transport, services and local facilities exist.  There is an ageing population, jobs are limited, and there can be a loss of ‘community feel’ in a village.  Also, the cost of living and housing are causing problems for many.  These pressures exist in villages across Nottinghamshire and beyond. 

Villages like Stanton on the Wolds need to have the right balance of housing to help provide a foundation for a vibrant community.  Any new housing should aim to meet local needs and be planned carefully if it is to have a positive impact on the area.  By identifying the full range of housing needs for local people future decisions and proactive action can be properly informed.