1. Why are your views important?

Fleet Phoenix is a local Youth & Community Charity who are investigating the pro's and con's of investing in the development and opening of an indoor skate park in or around the Hart (Hampshire) area and we need your help!

Before we go any further we need to know there is a need and a want for an indoor skate park locally for young people.

You opinion is important to us.

Please answer all the questions in the survey. You will have opportunity at the end of the survey to add your contact details to the list of people wanting to be kept informed of progress and possibly be picked to join the planning committee.

If you would like to discuss this idea in any more depth or share your comments with the team please feel free to e-mail: charlotte.tickner@fleetphoenix.co.uk

Thank you for your time.

Parents/Carers are welcome to complete any relevant questions or on behalf of their child/young person.