This is your space to share your ideas and feedback

Throughout the year the Students' Union Insight Team offers lots of ways for you to feedback to them about where there might be room for better focus or improvement. This might be through focus groups, surveys or online discussion groups. Added to the mix is this general feedback form. 

Please share any ideas / feedback you have here as and when you think about it. You can complete this form as many times as you like, but please bear in mind it is only checked on a termly basis. Urgent ideas for change should be forwarded to the most relevant Students' Union officer, or the Representation Development Team

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* 3. Your idea or feedback- please complete this box if you have a third idea / feedback point - otherwise please skip. 

* 4. If you're happy sharing your contact details (so that the insight team and SU officers can explore further if needed) please jot them down below - otherwise, please skip.

Thank you! If you have more than three ideas / feedback points, you can complete this form again by clicking on the original link