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Participant Information 

Many thanks for your interest in participating in this survey. 

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and aims to assess how your university has/will help you to explore a career in surgery and give you a rounded surgical education. This will help direct what is important for undergraduate surgical education in the future.

This survey is aimed at medical students in their pre-final and final years (usually 4th and 5th years, but can be later if, for example, you have intercalated) and we’d like to encourage all students in these years to complete it (not just budding surgeons!)

The questions it will ask include your current career motivations, what facilities your university has (i.e. dissection) and your experience of undergraduate surgical education.

You can choose to not answer any question you wish, although you must specify your university and year to confirm you meet the inclusion criteria. Please note, the survey does ask for your age and gender (which you can choose not to answer). We ask this because we want to make sure that surgery is appealing to both Males and Females of all ages, and where it isn’t we want to try and help.

The survey is completely anonymous and no personal information will be stored. It is being conducted in affiliation with the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

If you have any questions please email vtwigg@rcseng.ac.uk  

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I confirm that I have read and understood the information above for the study. I confirm that I have had the chance to ask questions by emailing vtwigg@rcseng.ac.uk before completing the survey
I understand that my participation in this study is voluntary and that I am free to stop at any time, and I do not have to give a reason for doing so. I understand that if I ask to stop the study my legal rights and medical education will not be affected in any way.
I understand that occasionally an external regulator or funding body may ask to look at the data for this study to check that it is being run correctly.
I understand that there may be personal questions about career motivations and gender, which I can choose not to answer if I wish                            
I understand that by continuing to take part in the following questionnaire, I give my consent to this study