Mull and Iona Community Trust (MICT) is working alongside the Ulva School Community Association (USCA) to help sustain the community primarily focusing on local housing, community transport and job creation needs.

Both groups are committed to working with the local community to achieve the second phase of the Waterfront Development at Ulva Ferry. The aim is to create a financially viable facility that is welcoming to local people and visitors alike, helping to create future economic and population growth in this rural community. The facilities will help manage the increasing number of visitors to Ulva Ferry. The gateway to Ulva, Treshnish Isles and Staffa has become even busier in recent years due to RET and general increases in tourism. Facilities are currently limited, but the new pontoon now offers safe embarkation to tour passengers and secure berthing for yachts. This project is an opportunity to provide further facilities to marine users, other visitors – and the local community - as well as providing visitor management. We envisage that the development will complement existing facilities without duplicating and competing with local amenities and, along with our other projects, will help secure the future of the school.

Securing funding to make this happen will require strong evidence of local need and support for the project. We are asking you to play your part in shaping the future development of the facilities and the services it offers by taking some time to complete this questionnaire.

All information is gathered in the strictest confidence and it should take no more than 10 minutes. Questionnaires completed online are collected automatically and the link to the survey online is

Please return paper copies of the completed surveys to the School. We are being assisted by Community Enterprise so, if you need any help or clarification, please call Gilly on 01506 862227.

Thank you for your help.

* 1. Are you answering this survey as..... (Tick all that apply)?

* 2. How would you rate the local area as a place to live, work or to visit?

  Fantastic Enjoyable Ok, but can be challenging Feeling unsure Not enjoyable I'm planning on leaving the area
a place to live
a place to work
a place to visit

* 3. How often do you use / visit the Ulva ferry site (by the pontoons)? 

* 4. For what reasons do you visit the Ulva Ferry site? (please tick all that apply)

* 5. The following uses have been suggested for a new development which is likely to be multi-functional. Please indicate whether you would support this happening at the site

  I would use this I support this I do not support this
Shower facilities
Public toilets
Waiting area
Office space
Heritage space
Visitor information point
Meeting space (additional to the school)
Event space (additional to the school)
Children's indoor play space / soft play
Craft space
Basic snacks and refreshments space (e.g. vending machine, micro-wave, bar area)
Shop area
Mechanical / small work shop space
Staff accommodation
Outside play / recreation area
Improved car parking
General amenity improvements and signage / active visitor management
Small local events to meet neighbours
5 - 6 camper van hook ups
Waste disposal point
Bike and electric car charge point
Electric bike hire
Storage area
Footpaths to view points
Visitor moorings

* 6. Are you interested in each of the following? (please tick all those that you would be likely to use)

  For adults For young people under 18 For children
Small local events to meet neighbours
Classes and workshops in the day during  school term time
Learning about local heritage and the environment
Facilities to help access the environment
Any other uses that would improve your life

* 7. When would you be most likely to use the space?

  Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Weekday mornings
Weekday afternoons
Weekday evenings

* 8. What would you expect to pay for...?

  £1 or less £1 - £3 £3-5 £5-10 £10-15 £15-25 £25-35 £35 +
Room hire event / meeting space (per hour)
Storage (per month)
Shower facilities (per shower)
Launderette - washing machine / dryer (per load)
Bunkroom (per night)
Workshop Space (per day)
Other (see below)

* 9. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? "Developing the site at Ulva Ferry will..."

  Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree
Provide facilities essential for visitors to the pontoon
Protect and celebrate the heritage of the area
Help sustain and appreciate the natural environment
Provide additional community facilities to reduce isolation
Contribute to the local economy through increased usage of the area and improved facilities by tourists / visitors
Support existing local businesses
Inform and promote onward journeys to Ulva, Treshnish Isles and Staffa
Create and retain jobs
Encourage active lifestyles
Provide more volunteering opportunitites
Encourage residents to stay in the area
Provide more learning opportunities

* 10. Are you involved in any organisations or activities that might be interested in working with us?

* 11. Would you be willing to volunteer to help with the development of the shore facilities at Ulva Ferry?

* 12. Please tell us the following information about yourself:

  Under 16 17-24 25-49 50-65 Over 65
Other/Prefer not to say

* 13. Where do you live in relation to Ulva Ferry?

* 14. Many thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. If you have any other comments, please add them in the box below. All answers are anonymous. However, if you wish to be kept informed about developments or volunteer, please leave your contact details in the box below and give any final comments.

We are holding a public consultation on 13th December in Ulva Primary School - please come along to explore ideas in person.

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