New Strategy

We ask that anyone involved with Camogie in a playing, volunteer, administrative or supporter capacity takes the time to provide your input into our new strategy for 2018 onward. We have set a closing date of Friday 10th November 2017 for collection of all responses, so your time and input would be greatly appreciated as we design our pathway to further develop Camogie in Ulster  over the coming years. Thank you in advance.

Julie O'Neill - Ulster Camogie Admistrator
T: 02837517180/078 2585 5718

* 1. . Are you male or female?

* 2. What Is your age?

* 3. In Which County do you currently reside

* 4. What other sports do you play, apart from camogie?

* 5. How would you rate the importance of each sport to you? Please rank them in order of 1 to 3, or 1 to 5 (Depending on those that apply to you) with 1 being the MOST important.

  1 2 3 4 5
Ladies Football

* 6. How many years have you been involved with Camogie?

* 7. How would you describe your involvement in Camogie? (Please tick as many as apply)

* 8. What are your thoughts on the participation of Camogie in schools and third level? (Tick all that apply)

* 9. How well do you believe Ulster fixtures are structured?  

* 10. If you have answered 'Poor' or 'Room for Improvement' Can you suggest Improvements which can be made with regards to structuring Ulster Fixtures?

* 11. Do you feel more allegiance to your club or your county?

* 12. What are your reasons for supporting Club or/and County?

* 13. How would you rate the structure of Camogie from an administrative and organisational perspective?

* 14. From a players perspective, How do you feel Camogie can be further improved?

* 15. Where do you feel Ulster Camogie need to prioritise focus on in the new Strategic Plan? Please rank a minimum of 4 areas from the list below, 1 being the most important:

* 16. If you volunteer some of your time to our sport as a coach, referee, official, or administrator, please let us know what would help you in that role (Tick all that apply):

* 17. Do you have any ideas on how Camogie can best use its resources for the development of the sport

* 18. Do you believe Camogie would be better served at a local and national level in closer ties with the GAA or Ladies Gaelic Football? Please explain why.

* 19. If you could increase the promotion of Camogie, which of the following areas would you focus on (Tick all that apply):

* 20. Do you believe any changes are required to the Camogie Rule Book? If so what are they?

* 21. Do you have any strong beliefs or Ideas about what should be included in the next Strategic Plan for Ulster Camogie?

* 22. How do you feel we can best improve player retention in Camogie?