Why we are conducting this survey

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused unprecedented changes to markets, consumer behaviour and the way businesses operate, including those in the games industry.

Ukie is working closely with the Government to ensure that the needs of our sector are clearly understood, to provide critical support and assistance and to help shape a roadmap to a post-COVID recovery.

In doing so, it is essential that we find out the impacts of the current situation is having on our sector and what measures you need from Government to support you as effectively as possible.

Importantly, we’re looking for responses from a wide a range of games industry businesses - whether Ukie members or not - so we can build a robust picture of how coronavirus is affecting the sector.

Please complete this survey by 6pm, Wednesday 3rd June and help guide our engagement and support. There are 18 questions in total (including the two below), most of which are multiple choice.

Please note: all information provided will be treated in strictest confidence and will only be used in an anonymised fashion in our work with Government. We may contact you to follow up on your response if we think we can offer support or have any questions.

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* 1. Please let us know who's answering this survey:

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* 2. Broadly speaking, what is the role of your company:

17% of survey complete.