Welcome to our AGM attendance page

Due to COVID-19 UNISON CSH branch will be doing something different with regards its AGM(s) for 2021.

Those of you that attended last year will recall we introduced the idea of aggregated AGMs, which essentially meant that we had more than one AGM covering the same agenda, which we then combined together.  We will be taking a similar approach this year, but due to COVID will do via Microsoft Teams (virtual AGMs).  To this end we have set up four meetings over two different days - on Friday 26th March at 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm, and on Monday 29th March at 12:30pm and 5:30pm.

Whilst we will not be able to have our customary promotional giveaways, interesting guest speakers, and plenty of lovely food, we still hope to be able to provide you with the information you need, particularly regarding the merger of BSUH and Western, and clarification over the 2021 pay situation.  And the really good news is that we have been able to retain the free prize draw, which all those attending one or other of the meetings will be entered into, with a chance to win an Amazon Echo Show 8, one of those fancy voice control smart home video devices that has a recommended retail price of £120.  And as the turnout to the AGMs is normally in the region of 20-30 people, the odds are high that the winner will be you.

The running order for all four meetings will be brief and to the point.  Following the formal business of the AGM (which we hope to keep to a minimum, although the branch secretary does have a tendency to ramble a little) we will focus on giving an update to members on the big issues of the day, such as mergers and pay, with an opportunity for questions to be asked and answered.

Therefore we do hope to see you at one of the meetings, although we do appreciate this may not be possible.  Either way, we would be grateful If you could complete this attendance form so we can anticipate numbers or register an apology for absence.