The 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions is an international standard-setting instrument that provides a framework for the governance of culture. It recognizes the sovereign right of States to implement policies and measures that can foster enabling environments where individuals and social groups, in particular artists and cultural professionals, can create, produce, distribute and access a broad range of cultural expressions.

In the Convention, Article 11 states that: “Parties acknowledge the fundamental role of civil society in protecting and promoting the diversity of cultural expressions. Parties shall encourage the active participation of civil society in their efforts to achieve the objectives of this Convention”.

We are conducting this survey to gather information and data for the 2017 edition of the UNESCO Global Report on the implementation of the Convention across the 144 countries who are signatories to the Convention.(i.e. ‘Parties’).
The Global Report is designed to identify the principal advances made and to explore the difficulties and challenges faced by Parties and other relevant policy actors, in implementing this Convention since ratification, across 10 core policy areas. “Partnering with Civil society” is one of these areas.

You have been identified as a civil society organisation or representative body that would be in a good position to share your views about 3 core indicators that have been identified in order to monitor the effective role of civil society in the implementation of the Convention since 2005:
  • Legislative and financial base is established to support civil society organizations;
  • Civil society participates in the design and implementation of policies that promote the creation, production, distribution and access to a diversity of cultural ,goods and services
  • Civil society is actively involved in the ratification and implementation of the Convention at the country and international level
We are therefore conducting this survey to explore the extent to which you aware of the 2005 Convention and the extent to which you are consulted in the process of its promotion and implementation since ratification. More broadly, we are interested in your thoughts and perspectives on how cultural policies are created and implemented in your country and your role in this process.

The survey will be conducted securely and independently online by the research organisation, BOP Consulting. Your responses will be anonymous and confidential, and aggregate findings will only be presented at the country level.
The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions or would like to submit your responses in an alternative format, please contact Yvonne Lo, project researcher Please feel free to share the survey with other relevant organisations you think would be willing to take part. Submissions will be accepted until the end of March 2017.
10% of survey complete.