* 1. Please enter your company details below

* 2. Market attitudes to key questions in the next 12 months

  Decrease greatly Decrease slightly Stays the same Increase slightly Increase greatly
Price of SIP Trunking
Overall growth of the market
Demand for SIP Trunking Services
Importance of Mobility to customers
Importance of Skype for Business as a competitor to your service
Demand for Applications delivered over SIP Trunking

* 3. How many SIP/IP trunks did you have live on your platform on the 30th June 2017?
(A trunk is defined as the capability to make a single voice call regardless of codec)

* 4. What percentage of your SIP trunks were sold through an indirect channel?

* 5. What percentage of your IP/SIP Trunking customer base fall in the following categories of business based on number of employees?:

* 6. What is your basic price for a single SIP Trunking licence?

* 7. What is included in your SIP Trunk service?

  As part of your standard service bundle As an addition cost Do not offer
Bundles of Voice Minutes
Enterprise SBC
Call Recording
Fraud Protection
Ability for customers to flex channels up or down automatically

* 8. Do you offer additional services with your SIP Trunks

  Yes No
Fixed Mobile Convergence
Presence Integration
Messaging Integration
Skype for Business Integration
Conferencing Solution
Inbound Services

* 9. What percentage of your orders were deployed over the following access technologies in the last 12 months?

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