Implementation Survey

On 28th October 2016, UKRLG published Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure:  A Code of Practice to replace the existing guidance.  Local highway authorities have two years from the date of publication to implement it before the previous Codes are fully withdrawn.  
We are now almost one year into that two-year transition period and are carrying out a survey to better understand how progress is being made and what support we can provide.  The results of the survey will be reported back to UKRLG and then shared with participants to help inform their approach to implementing the Code of Practice and to facilitate collaboration and peer support.  Thank you for your time in completing this survey. 

* 1. Respondent details:

* 2. What is your overall view of the new Code of Practice?

  Strongly Agree Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
I feel confident implementing the revised Code of Practice.
We have the resources and skills to implement the revised
Code of Practice.
I feel comfortable adopting a risk based approach.
I see the revised Code as a development of our existing
asset management rather than a wholesale change of approach.
I believe my authority will be fully compliant with the revised
Code of Practice by the October 2018 deadline.

* 3. What additional support would be helpful in adopting the new Code of Practice?

  Strongly Agree Agree Somewhat Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
Events promoting the Code of Practice
Training courses on a risk-based approach
e-Learning Tool on the Code of Practice

* 4. Do you agree that implementing a risk-based approach should include the following?  Tick all that apply.

* 5. In planning your implementation of the new Code of Practice, are you using any of the following measures?  Tick all that apply.

* 6. If you are reviewing asset data management, are you looking at the following?  Tick all that apply.

* 7. The new Code of Practice has several recommendations about improving resilience.  Do you consider adopting the Code should include any of the following?

  Strongly agree Agree Somewhat agree Disagree Strongly disagree
Developing a resilient network
Reviewing network management risks
Updating business continuity and/or contingency plans
Revising the management of relevant corporate risks

* 8. Are you engaging with any of the following groups to support the implementation of the Code of Practice?  Tick all that apply.

* 9. What are your top 3 concerns about the Code of Practice?

* 10. What are your top 3 barriers slowing the implementing the Code of Practice?

* 11. Do you have a case study about implementing the new Code of Practice that you'd like to share?  If so, we will get in contact with you directly to discuss further.

* 12. Can we contact you for further clarifications about your responses?

* 13. Anything else that you'd like to share?