* 1. Is this the first UKGCVA conference you have attended?

* 2. Are you a UKGCVA member?

* 3. Thinking about the Grand Connaught rooms how do you rate the (5 being great and 1 not very good at all)

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* 4. How informative and valuable did you find the conference today? (On a scale of 1-5 where 5 is very much and 1 is not at all)

* 5. Please rate each speaker (5 being excellent and 1 being poor)

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Will Higham - Predicting Tomorrows Customers – Welcome to the Future!
Maureen Hinton - State of the Nation – Research Revealed
Panel - Live Focus Group: An onstage discussion following on from the research findings.
Panel - Reward & Recognition – How are Gift Cards Doing? As a key growth channel this expert panel will provide an insight into the growth of the B2B market.
Jenny Parris - The Global Gift Card Market: An Insightful and Thought Provoking View of the World of Gift Cards
Charity Session
Christer Holloman - Innovation and Maximizing your Business through New Technologies
Panel - Industry Update Panel Discussion - What has changed in the last 12 months? What are the key issues? And what does this mean for the industry?
UK & US - IN Conversation - Gail Cohen and Erin Wood
Panel - Are Gift Cards an Under-utilised Loyalty and Insight Tool?
UKGCVA's Got Talent

* 6. How informative did you find the exhibition? (5 being very informative and 1 being not informative at all)

* 7. Did the exhibition competition incentivise you to visit all the stands?

* 8. Would you come to UKGCVA Conference 2018 based on your experience this year?

* 9. Looking ahead to UKGCVA Conference 2018.....would you be prepared to pay more for a longer conference?

* 10. Do you think the conference offered value for money?

* 11. What content and topics would you like to see at next years conference? All suggestions welcome...

* 12. Would your company be interested in sponsorship opportunities at future UKGCVA events and Conference 2018?

* 13. Based on your experience of this year's conference would you consider joining the UKGCVA?

* 14. Any other comments?