There are many changes happening across the UK to cellular pathology services, and cytology services in particular. There is a need to better understand the use and reporting of all types of diagnostic cytological specimens within the UK to facilitate discussions about current and future cytology service provision, as well as help shape cytology training. 

This survey, organised by the Royal College of Pathologists, is being sent to the lead cytologist to complete, with one return per laboratory service. No such data collection has been performed before that we know of. We would be grateful if the lead cytologist ensures that all those who report cytology, outside of the cervical screening programme - that is cytology often referred to as diagnostic or non-gynaecological cytology - are included in the responses where relevant in this questionnaire. Many questions are tick boxes, but some will require more information and data collection.

The data we are asking for relates to the calendar year 2019.

Please note that you can save the survey part way through, before pressing 'Done' and return to it at a later time.  So you can complete it in sections rather than all at one time.  Please note that this will need to be at the same computer as when you started. 

Also note that a field can be left blank if you have no data or the question does not apply, rather than having to click on 'No'.

Please complete this survey by Tuesday 1 September 2020.

Please submit your response by the closing date, even if  you have not managed to collect a full data set. Receiving as many responses as possible will allow all relevant professional bodies to gain a better understanding of current cytology practices in the UK. We are asking for some individual and departmental information to ensure we do not double count or unintentionally misunderstand the data we receive. This information will be kept confidential.

We hope you can find time to complete the survey, and we thank you in anticipation for doing so. The survey has been constructed from the professional bodies listed below, all with a keen interest in cytology. The data will be analysed anonymously, and data will be shared in an anonymised format with the bodies below for maximum use of this data.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Thank you in anticipation

RCPath Cytopathology Sub-committee 
IBMS Cytology Specialist Advisory Panel
Cytology Conjoint Board
British Association for Cytopathology